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Our Sales Policy & Conditions Of Trade

1. Sold item:
An item is not sold until we have received the full amount in cash/card payment.

2. Reserving goods:
It is our policy that we do not reserve items in our shops.

3. Price reduction:
Please do not ask for a reduction in price, or “haggle” as we have set our prices at what we consider to be the right market price.

4. Genuine pricing error:
It may be that an item has been priced incorrectly, or the price label has been removed without authorisation from one item to another. In such an instance, Emmaus Hampshire will remove the item from sale for that day.

5. Sold item:
If an item has been sold, please kindly refrain from using or touching. Customers will be given a signed and dated receipt and are encouraged to examine goods before purchase, as items are sold as seen.

6. Delivery of sold item:
If a customer requests delivery, then Emmaus Hampshire will advise the delivery charge and also confirm whether delivery slot is for AM or PM.

7. Delivery charge:
Delivery charge includes transporting your item(s) to your front door. If you require an item placed beyond this point, it is with your full agreement that Emmaus Hampshire will not be held liable for any damage that may be incurred. We do not move items from the front door to flats higher than two floors, unless a lift can be used. If lift is not operable, our van crew will only delivery to ground floor only.

8. Acceptance of delivered goods:
Please ensure an adult is at the delivery address to accept the delivery. Our van crew will not deliver if only a minor is present.

9. Refund policy:
Items are sold as seen. The customer is to ensure the item is suitable for the designated area, as Emmaus Hampshire do not take any responsibility for this. Customers returning items that are not required or do not fit designated space will receive an Emmaus Hampshire credit note as no cash refunds are given.

10. Faulty goods policy: (Oct 2015)
We would not knowingly sell an item that is faulty. Customers returning a faulty item will receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase upon proof of receipt only.

11. Return of white goods policy:
Customers returning items within 30 days of purchase will receive a full refund. We have the right to charge for any damage or cleaning plus any carriage costs.