Companion Tony

Our Customer Care Policy

We aim to meet our customers’ needs, by offering a friendly high quality service experience.

  1. We put customers at the heart of what we do and seek to better understand the requirements of our customers to further improve what we do.

  2. We will always treat our customers with courtesy and respect, demonstrating our commitment to Emmaus Hampshire equal opportunities policy.

  3. We will always respect customer’s privacy and confidentiality, by holding customer information securely, and not releasing this information to other parties.

  4. We will strive to offer a friendly, informative, and effective service with available resources, recognising each companion’s capability.

  5. We will be honest if we cannot meet a customer’s request in a polite manner.

  6. We will provide ongoing training to our companions’ and volunteers to further develop their expertise and skills, thus improving our customer service to you.

  7. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, and aim to be aware of and respond to customers with special requests, supporting our commitment to equality.

  8. We will ensure our services and trading hours will be up to date, both in store and online.

  9. We always want to improve what we do, sometimes we get this wrong, so we welcome customer feedback either via: 
    Email: or Tel: 01962 868300.

We expect our customers to:

  1. Treat all of our companions and volunteers with mutual courtesy and respect. We treat all inappropriate behaviour/language in accordance with UK legislation.

  2. Ensure appropriate information and payment methods are readily available.