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Companion Tony

Our Trustees

Our trustees have a varied background in business and social care.


 Our Team:

Chairman: Keith Falconer: 

Treasurer: Tammy King 

Trustees: Terry Butler,  Avril Robinson and Hywel Small

Cheif Executive Officer:  Nigel J Samuels

Our trustees each have a diverse set of skills within public and private sector business and marketing backgrounds.

The purpose of the trustees is to provide sound governance to the organisation. This includes agreeing strategic direction, approving and reviewing policies and procedures, appointing executive staff and ensuring compliance with the objectives, purposes and values of the organisation, and with its governing document.

The Emmaus Hampshire trustees have adopted the NCVO Code of Good Governance.  They meet quarterly for discussion, feedback and socialising.   

Emmaus Hampshire regularly conducts a trustees skills analysis and has a structured and transparent method for recruiting additional experienced, qualified and committed people to join and strengthen the team and project groups.