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How to join and become a resident companion

An individual can apply to request a place in the community but if they are already living in a hostel or are perhaps sleeping rough but in contact with a referring organisation we ask that organisation to make the application for them.If your organisation would like to refer someone to our Emmaus Community with a request for their admission as a Companion, then please E-mail  "" with 'referal' and the applicant's name in the email header.


Emmaus Hampshire aims to provide a positive alternative to homelessness. The Community relies heavily on the ability of everyone living and working together as best they can. Residents of the Community are known as Companions. There are over 300 Emmaus Communities across the world and despite the name, we are not associated with any religious group or order.  Emmaus Hampshire offers accommodation and support to homeless people at our Winchester community. We need to be sure that this is the right place for you, and we want you to feel the same.


The assessment process is therefore a two way thing.We are assessing you for your suitability, and we expect you to be doing the same with us. All information must be accompanied by a signed consent form from you.

  • Please give as much information as you can. We will assess you on your present and likely future suitability, not just on your past.
  • We will process your application as quickly as possible and will normally contact you within five working days of receipt.
  • Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries about this application.

The information that we ask for will always be treated confidentially.


 As a member of the Community you must:

  • Sign off all work related benefits.
  • Take an active part in the life of the Community.
  • Do the work that is asked of you to the best of your ability.
  • Respect the rights of the Community and other Companions.

Standard Emmaus practice requires you to observe certain rules, e.g. no alcohol or drugs on the premises and no claiming out of work benefits.

We need you to understand and follow these rules and to support and assist the management team in ensuring that these rules are kept so that the Community can be a safe and welcoming home for us all.

In return we provide you with your own en-suite room, all your meals, toiletries, safety clothing and footwear.

Working provides an opportunity to develop skills, gain appropriate qualifications and experience, as well as the knowledge that you have earned your right to enjoy the facilities of Emmaus Hampshire.

Thank you for your interest in Emmaus Hampshire.