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Campaign With Us

We want to make an impact.

This is why we’re involved in developing and supporting campaigns that make a difference to the lives of people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion.

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Here are some of the campaigns we are currently supporting:

  • FRN

    Furniture Re-use Network

    FRN aims to relieve poverty and reduce waste by promoting the re-use of furniture and electrical appliances to help people in need.

  • pif logo rgb

    Pay it forward

    A Homeless Link campaign to urge local authorities to make homelessness service provision a priority.

  • Recycle now

    Recycle now

    Recycle now asks people across the UK to think about where their waste goes, encouraging recycling and reuse.

  • Social economy alliance logo

    Social Economy Alliance

    Campaign led by charities and social enterprises to create a social economy in the UK that better supports people and communities.

  • WhoBenefits MasterLogo blackOutline 500pxW

    Who Benefits?

    A coalition of charities campaigning to give a voice to the millions of us who have been supported by benefits at some point in our lives.

  • IER logo colour print RGB English

    Your vote matters

    A campaign by Homeless Link and the Hansard Society to raise awareness about the importance of registering to vote.